The Barbara Campbell Accessories is a women's accessories brand that finds it's inspiration by making fashionable artisanal handmade fashion-forward accessories made differently in brooklyn. The women behind the brand is Barbara Campbell a New Yorker, an award winning entrepreneur and the company lead designer at Barbara Campbell Accessories LLC. Co makers of made in Brooklyn BC(R) design products. 

It was about 10 years ago where first became inspired to design jewelry.  I discovered the perfect natural rock and wrapped it in wire—creating my very first piece, which the world came to know and love as my signature "Lucky Six" necklace. I am a visionary woman from New York I studied entrepreneurship in high school and I studied fashion at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) college and I went on to enjoy a decade-long career in the beauty industry as a licensed cosmetolgist. My stylistic sense and thoughtful design process comes through in my handcrafted jewelry without compromising the aesthetics of Barbara Campbell Accessories © eponymous, founded in 2006.  Splitting my time exploring between Brooklyn and The Hampton's, I designs my collections with an eye for urban chic and a feel for nature. Each of my handcrafted pieces is hand-constructed and produced with high-grade materials in my Brooklyn studio in New York (which you are welcome to visit me). Accompanying my commitment to exceptional quality is my dedication to the practice of greenmanship, which is why I works with only the finest recycled vintage materials designing limited-edition and one-of-a-kind creations.  My handcrafted designs have been described as "clean and contemporary," architecturally and naturally inspired," and evoking "more art than ornamentation."  Yet my philosophy remains simple and elegant. I say it with a big smile, "You have to put meaning into your creations to make them special and functional and wearable for the customer, my customers are in the center of my heart they are come first in all my designing process. That's what I do—I create from the heart and bring a feeling of love and classic wearability to my collections and to my products. I design for the fashion forward professional, fashionistas and the socialite women in mind. I enjoy the process of designing from start to finish and working with all women and discovering their personality, sense of style, and welcoming all diversity and culture when I design for the "BC" girl.  So to just sum it up…I am making artisanal american cutting-edge fashion forward women's accessories made differently in Brooklyn from new to vintage jewelry to deconstructed leather handbags to fabulous beauty products to keep you BROOKLYN CHIC and in style, made for today's global forward-thinker "BC" girl, women that's you!  Have a question? Love to hear from you... Contact me direct at:  Thank you again, for giving me so much support to my artisanal Brooklyn brand it's made with love. You mean everything to me stay in touch. I love you all! 


Barbara Campbell Accessories Mgf. Co. #MadeinBrooklyn