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©+2016+HELLO+MADE+IN+BROOKLYN+™+hellomadeinbrooklyn+™+sugar+scrub + sugarscrub.jpg



hello made in brooklyn sugar scrub cleanser™ beauty  

100% pure cane sugar  

this product contains:

ingredients: cane sugar, coconut oil, vegetable oil (soybean oil) glycerin & fragrance citrus bergamot 

contain no dyes.

purpose: to gently exfoliate your skin.

keep out of reach of children

*for external use only.

direction: apply product to wet skin. 

use only as directed.

not tested on animals

small batch production

artisans manufactured by 


crown heights, brooklyn, ny 11216

made in brooklyn

[NEW BROOKLYN PRODUCT RELEASE] We are thrilled to present a new release  by #hellomadeinbrooklyn ™ company a new brooklyn beauty skin care product brand,  featuring today's hellomadeinbrooklyn newest brooklyn product made by hello made brooklyn™  products made with love made with care made in small batch hellomadeinbrooklynbeauty™ brooklyn | new york city


NEW BROOKLYN PRODUCT RELEASE - We are thrilled to present a new release by #hellomadeinbrooklyn ™ company a new brooklyn beauty product: shop our hello made in brooklyn product online. Starting this week we will also start to carry hellomadeinbrooklyn© brooklyn beauty brand in our brooklyn boutique & online. Featuring today hellomadeinbrooklyn hottest new brooklyn productby hellomadebrooklynproducts : Love it... must try  request a sample of our brooklyn skincare : hellomadeinbrooklynsugarscrubcleanser™  a new body face cleanser formula to exfoliate, sooth and relax skin . Product design : made in brooklyn in small batches with 100% Natural Sugar with essence Oils No Dyes , Contains coconut oil and more best product quality ingredients.  Made with love made with care made in small batch  hellomadeinbrooklynbeauty™ Brooklyn | New York City (c) 2016 hello made in brooklyn company llc

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