New Collection: MADEINBK #Theinstylebrand 

Welcome to Barbara Campbell Accessories, product designer and brooklyn manufacturer of quality handmade knitwear sport style hats Made In Brooklyn. If you are new to our locally made brooklynmanufacturing products: we suggest you discover our #11216BROOKLYNCHIC street fashion collection and #THEINSTYLEBRAND, created by Barbara Campbell creator of her own brooklyn patten making and cut and sew brooklyn brand of womens fashion made accessories: per-view the Barbara Campbell brooklyn collection here or via our instagagram for sneak peek previews of new products on online. The Barbara Campbell NYC design studio and boutique is located in Crown Heights, Brooklyn and we are only 25mins from the city if you decide you would like to purchase Barbara Campbell Hats you can do so via our online shop or call us 📞 if you have any question or email us to place an order ✉️  Barbara Campbell fashion hats are now available MadeInCrownHeights, New York 

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