Inside the Design: The Sun Necklace with Wire-Wrapped Quartz Pendant


I hope you’ve been able to take a look at (and fallen in love with!) some of my made-with-love accessories on my new site!  I’m so proud of these designs and the fact they are handmade in Brooklyn, my home. A special part of me goes into every piece, and I wanted to take the time to share some of the process, both emotional and material, of one of Barbara Campbell NYC’s signature necklaces, The Sun with Crystal Quartz

This piece, along with its more minimal sister necklace, features a signature hand-hammered gold fill medallion, but the main focal point of this necklace, for me, is its beautiful wire-wrapped crystal quartz.  These stones have such an influential impact on my personal life and design process. They represent peace and focus, and promote positive energy and clarity.  Put simply, I feel better with one on me. (And hope you will, too!)

Once I select (or, sometimes, am selected by) a stone that truly speaks to my creative spirit, I wrap it by hand with gold or silver wire. The key to this process is really following the natural shape of the stone, minding the divots and rises and highlighting its shape. For me, it’s an intimate process not to be rushed.  My goal is to keep it organic, and since nothing in life is perfect, flawlessness is not the point - showcasing the natural beauty of the stone is.  A new method I’ve been trying is to wrap the stone in thin strips of black leather, as opposed to wire. I find it adds a softness to the stone and adds a beautiful, protective element to the design. (Contact me if you're interested in seeing/purchasing one of these!)

Next, I select a chain that compliments the stone. I tend to opt for long, thin, and simple chains, as to juxtapose the complexities of the crystal.  Plus, I find this necklace sits better further down the chest.

If you’re interested in owning The Sun, or any other BC pieces, be sure to check out the shop!  I know you’ll love this necklace, and many others, as much as I do.