News! Barbara Campbell Brooklyn Accessories Company Launches Hello Made In Brooklyn™ Fashion Product Line


Since 2007 Barbara Campbell Accessories Brooklyn Company LLC has been dedicated in designing quality handmade Brooklyn products. Manufacturing it's own small batch quality handmade brooklyn products. Today we are thrilled to introduce  "hellomadeinbrookly™" products. Our hello made in brooklyn™ is a  collection of wearable fashion accessories that will take you in the hood and around Brooklyn, ny in style.  "Travel NYC brooklyn proud". 

Hello Made In Brooklyn Products™ prices range from $5.00 to $189.00

For more information about "Hello Made In Brooklyn™" fashion product line contact us (here)



The term “Brooklyn” has become a valued brand commonly associated with things that are trendy, and artisanal. One of the most trendy, and featuring artisanal designs and accessories, is Barbara Campbell Accessories. Located in Crown Heights, Barbara Campbell NYC has been certified “Brooklyn Made” by the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. This recognition solidifies Barbara’s work in developing a Brooklyn brand with made in Brooklyn products. All of Barbara’s Brooklyn product designs deliver quality and value. Visit her web site and take a virtual tour of her Crown Heights studio. Then give her a call, tweet, Instagram or e-mail to set up an appointment to visit her boutique. Barbara is in Brooklyn, and Brooklyn loves Barbara!



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The Studio is Now Open! Take a Virtual Tour...

I can barely contain my excitement over my new studio in Crown Heights! Come with me on a little tour of the space... 


On display in the main room are items from my current collection and exclusive, one-of-a-kind pieces found only in the studio.  In addition to jewelry, you’ll find handmade leather handbags, clutches, cross-bodies, chained pouches, and vests.  Visitors can browse these items or find inspiration for a custom piece... And while you're here, let’s talk about modifying a design to perfectly suit your style!


I can start drafting some ideas for your personalized piece at my work desk, where I keep my favorite tools, materials, patterns, inspiration boards, and samples. I love creating here, amongst my other designs – drawing inspiration from them, and from the collection of books, photos, and tchotchkes I’ve collected over the years.


And while we collaborate or you shop, you can also make yourself comfortable in the lounge or help yourself to a beverage at the bar!  I love AND draw tons of motivation from my vintage porcelain glove molds from Fishs Eddy in NYC.  They remind me to appreciate my hands and create something with them everyday!


Downstairs is my production room, where the greater part of my creative process is carried out by hand. This space will also accommodate group or private jewelry making classes (coming soon!). 


Back upstairs is my beautiful, light-filled, multi-cultural hair studio.  Here I treat my hair clients to an exclusive moment in a warm, welcoming, and private environment with a high-end feel. I specialize in fresh, natural looking, custom, ethnically diverse hairpieces that can add volume, length, or color, and are either easily removable or styled for a more permanent look. I really enjoy transforming my clients' looks to suit their desires in this new, chic, sophisticated space! For more information on my hair services or to book an appointment for a consultation, click here.


I am lucky to have a gorgeous outdoor space, which visitors to my studio can enjoy while taking a break from shopping or picking up an accessory.  

I look forward to seeing you and your friends or family at the studio!

For more information about my studio or to book a private tour or shopping experience for you and your friends, click here




Inside the Design: The Sun Necklace with Wire-Wrapped Quartz Pendant


I hope you’ve been able to take a look at (and fallen in love with!) some of my made-with-love accessories on my new site!  I’m so proud of these designs and the fact they are handmade in Brooklyn, my home. A special part of me goes into every piece, and I wanted to take the time to share some of the process, both emotional and material, of one of Barbara Campbell NYC’s signature necklaces, The Sun with Crystal Quartz

This piece, along with its more minimal sister necklace, features a signature hand-hammered gold fill medallion, but the main focal point of this necklace, for me, is its beautiful wire-wrapped crystal quartz.  These stones have such an influential impact on my personal life and design process. They represent peace and focus, and promote positive energy and clarity.  Put simply, I feel better with one on me. (And hope you will, too!)

Once I select (or, sometimes, am selected by) a stone that truly speaks to my creative spirit, I wrap it by hand with gold or silver wire. The key to this process is really following the natural shape of the stone, minding the divots and rises and highlighting its shape. For me, it’s an intimate process not to be rushed.  My goal is to keep it organic, and since nothing in life is perfect, flawlessness is not the point - showcasing the natural beauty of the stone is.  A new method I’ve been trying is to wrap the stone in thin strips of black leather, as opposed to wire. I find it adds a softness to the stone and adds a beautiful, protective element to the design. (Contact me if you're interested in seeing/purchasing one of these!)

Next, I select a chain that compliments the stone. I tend to opt for long, thin, and simple chains, as to juxtapose the complexities of the crystal.  Plus, I find this necklace sits better further down the chest.

If you’re interested in owning The Sun, or any other BC pieces, be sure to check out the shop!  I know you’ll love this necklace, and many others, as much as I do.

Barbara’s Brooklyn: Viva La Chavelas!


Quickly becoming a favorite on my growing list of Crown Heights hot spots is the super friendly, fun, and authentic Mexican Restaurant Chavelas.  And Hallelujah! It’s only a few blocks from my studio! This colorfully tiled and tin-ceilinged eatery boasts an amazing $2 taco Happy Hour, not to mention truly delicious draft sangria.  I consider it my “Cheers” since I adore the amazing staff and am greeted by name, because really, what feels better than such a sense of warmth and community in our awesome, ever evolving neighborhood? I look forward to bringing friends and clients here for a cocktail or hosting a beautiful event where I can display some of my new designs in this cool, colorful, and sophisticated atmosphere. Stay tuned!

I can certainly see some of Chavelas’ eclectic, boho chic clientele rocking a BC bag or bracelet, can’t you?

736 Franklin Ave. (at Sterling)
Crown Heights, Brooklyn
(718) 622-3100


The New & Improved Barbara Campbell NYC


WELCOME, my urban gypsies and breezy beauties, to my newly redesigned web space, where I hope you can learn a little more about me, what inspires my work, upcoming events, and of course, to see and shop for my signature, high-quality, handmade jewelry and accessories!  I’m so excited about this step.  For me, nothing promotes positivity and creativity like a fresh new look and feel.

Find your perfect Barbara Campbell piece in my new online store, learn more about my custom hair enhancement services, and book some time at my newly renovated artist studio where you can enjoy an exclusive shopping experience and chat with me about custom pieces just for you!

What’s next for me? I’ll be blogging about Barbara Campbell news and up-coming events, my favorite things to do in Brooklyn, Hamptons hot spots, community outreach, and so much more. I look forward to everything that’s next and hope to see you along the way!

P.S. I didn't do this alone! I have many people to thank for making me looks so good! Please check out my site credits page and give them all some love!